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Yucel Donmez who is giving message from three thousand and four hundred meters of Kackar Mountains with its art work named Butterflies of Peace gave his message at Istanbul-Moda cape by exhibiting his art work named Butterflies of Peace and he declared that the Butterflies of Peace will continue to give peace messages from many parts of the world.
“Butterflies are the symbol of peace with their life. They live in peace and die early...My butterflies will live long and will give peace messages by showing themselves at every opportunity and everywhere. The first stop of my butterflies were 3400 meters height of Kackar Mountains and gave peace messages from famous Big Sea Lake... My butterflies which lands onto the rock at Big Sea Lake for peace clean and pure such as water also have moved the atmosphere of my art studio to the Kackar Mountains...My butterflies which will soon give the peace message from USA will be together with advocates of peace by costing mass of people in the context of Conceptual art and giving their messages from squares in the future.”
The project of Butterflies of Peace which can be considered within the framework of the Conceptual art offers an original and a very different perception with its different philosophy and contained message in the concept of visual arts.
Mr.Donmez who had come up with his 11 rock sculptures in Kuarted valley which is a part of Altiparmak of Kackar Mountains, thirty six years ago drew attention to poeticalness of mutual aesthetics created by both the artist and the nature by bringing a harmony forth with his original work called Natural Arrangement.
Yucel Donmez who made an indelible impression on the agenda of art with his different works for decades is known as the first painter who paints on the snow with his project of Snow Painting and has made a distinguished name for himself in world art history researchs with his projects.
Painter Cisem Ozturk and Guzel Bakır put support behind at the art work that he had carried out at Moda, Istanbul which Mr.Donmez mentioned that his new project named Butterflies of Peace has been greeted with interest by his fellow artists.